The Ultimate Secret Photo Vault for Your Private Media

Welcome to Hidit, the ultimate safe haven for your personal photos and videos. With our app, you can keep your most precious memories secure and accessible only to you.

Say goodbye to the worry of someone stumbling upon your private media. Hidit offers pin-coded password protection and the automatic deletion of imported assets from the photos library, ensuring that your photos and videos are safe from prying eyes.

Our app comes with a range of features designed to make managing your media a breeze. Sign in with your Apple ID and reset your passcode with ease. 

Plus, with our product roadmap, you can expect even more exciting features in the future.

Managing your assets has never been easier. With Hidit, you can rename, delete, and move entire folders.

As well as select and share or delete individual assets. You can even move selected assets to another folder with just a few taps.

Enjoy slideshow viewing for photos and videos, and take advantage of our built-in video player.

Hidit is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and our sleek design makes using the app a pleasure.

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